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The opportunities that 5G and edge computing presents to startup, enterprises, researchers and governments calls for a new approach to scaling innovation. We need an ecosystem approach for industries to collaboratively explore tangible innovation and outcomes.  

We believe that software plays a definitive role in enterprises in all segments. Our goal is to build a vibrant enterprise software ecosystem focused on the enormous application, services, and use cases potential for edge and 5G. To achieve this we support mixed staged companies from Seed to Series C to collaborate directly with our global platform partners and industry leaders. 

Our developer friendly program is purpose built to leverage the entrepreneurial talent of startups with the entrepreneurial resources of enterprise companies. Our thesis focus has created a unique community of founders building a variety of applications and infrastructure solutions. We are truly a unique program that stands out globally.  

We invite you to join us in our mission to facilitate the interchange of ideas, experimentation, innovation and collaboration to move from vision to real-world transformation. 


5G holds a lot of promise for companies of every size. Helping companies recognize this promise requires deep and thoughtful coordination of technical visionaries so that startups and the enterprise can fully migrate to harness the power of an edge driven business. This is the opportunity the Lab is creating. 

Our Program provides select Seed to Series C startups with equity free access to our network, partner backed go to market engagements, and industry insights. We don’t believe in cookie cutter approaches. Each team admitted into our program creates their own outcomes for a tailored approach to growth and scale. Over 12 weeks we become your business advisor and open strategic doors for product deployment, go-to-market and fundraising.  

Forge your own path with us. Take a deeper look at our Program 

Community Engagement in Seattle with Global Reach to Foster International Cooperation and Growth
Our Partners Deliver the People, Processes and Platforms for Innovation in 5G, Edge, IoT, AI, AR and Digital Transformation

Partner Driven Innovation

The combination of edge and 5G will play an important role in digitally transforming enterprises globally. According to analyst reports digital transformation spending could approach $3 trillion annually all powered by vast amounts of new data computed on the edge and connected through public and private 5G networks. What’s missing is a community bringing together innovative startups, platforms, and industry that focuses on doing, not hype. 

Silos hamper innovation. Since 2020 the Lab has provided the entrepreneurial structure necessary to bridge the gap from ideas to transformative technologies and bring together people, processes and platforms covering all aspects of the 5G ecosystem. 

We support our enterprise partners to focus and amplify their entrepreneurial resources. From devices and sensors, networking equipment, edge and cloud computing, IoT and next-gen software applications, our partners are driving innovation for customers in dynamic industries such as agriculture, transportation and logistics, energy and utilities, manufacturing, retail and space. 

Unblock your innovation pipeline. Join our ecosystem to be at the forefront of edge and 5G.  

Founding Partners

Corporate Partners

Field Labs

Our Field Labs are a dynamic, development platform that facilitates collaborative experimentation for commercially viable use cases.  It is a true collaborative public-private environment for startups, with best-of-breed solutions delivering all the capabilities of a real enterprise platform. 

The foundation of the field lab is a dynamic testing platform with dedicated access to a 5G-capable, CBRS LTE private network. Each site connects to an edge computing environment allowing developers to tap into cloud computing capabilities essential for latency-sensitive and compute-intensive applications. 

Building Development Platforms for Real-World Use Cases in Dynamic Industries
5G is Bigger than the Smartphone Enabling Intelligent Networks that Will Drive Capabilities to Transform the Enterprise

Innovation Partner Zone (IPZ)

Washington State is uniquely positioned to become an international and innovation ecosystem leader in edge computing and 5G connectivity, and the future is boundless for us to work together to cultivate and attract innovation and continue building a critical competitive advantage for our state’s leading industry sectors.

Through our 5G Innovation Partner Zone (IPZ), we’ve worked collaboratively over the past two years with key stakeholders including the University of Washington, Washington State University, T-Mobile, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, City of Bellevue and Snohomish County.  Among the key developments from that work is our Agriculture Field Lab developed in collaboration with Snohomish County and a number of partner companies and startups from the 5G Open Innovation Lab.  The Field Lab, funded in large part by a grant from the federal CARES act, serves as a sandbox of sorts where innovators can come together to test and develop new solutions in a collaborative environment, sharing resources and knowledge.


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