Simplify Enterprise Mobile Networking with Expeto

Simplify Enterprise Mobile Networking with Expeto

According to recent research, 75% of manufacturing organizations in Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States aim to adopt private 5G networks by 2024 to enable applications and relevant efficiencies the unprecedented speed, reach and scale these networks offer. However, these enterprise organizations want to consume 5G on enterprise terms—they are looking for seamless integration into their existing IT/OT frameworks to ensure the agility, control and visibility to the network, compute, application and device layers required to successfully navigate their Industry 4.0 journeys. 

Private network adoption is rising in manufacturing, energy, transportation, healthcare, logistics, mining and other sectors as businesses look to enable and drive value from IoT technologies such as sensors, wearables, autonomous vehicles, robots and other intelligent devices. These enterprises are also looking to private networks to satisfy their desire for greater control over their network, extend that network outside the four walls of business and across large geographic areas, and capture and process data at the edge for improved business insight and faster decision-making. 5G Open Innovation Lab (5G OIL) startup Expeto (from the inaugural Batch 1) simplifies enterprise networking over public and private mobile networks with a unique and differentiated Enterprise First approach. This empowers enterprise customers to consume 5G on enterprise terms, leveraging an IT-centric interface, policy-based networking, and a robust set of APIs to enable seamless integration with existing IT/OT frameworks. Further, the Expeto platform enables support for both private and public networks all controlled from a single pane of glass. This allows medium to large businesses to take a consistent approach to network management globally, thereby avoiding the complexity and cost associated with other market options. Expeto’s platform as a service model has been proven to help achieve ambitious connectivity goals in large-scale commercial deployments with mission-critical applications. 

“Legacy Enterprise connectivity has been dominated by WiFi for decades - and it is a wonderful choice for smaller, defined areas with a low density of device connections - but it is not designed to support the kinds of next-generation, wide-area applications that are key to improving efficiency, productivity and safety. 5G is purpose-built for these larger areas with a big density of devices requiring continuous speed and low latency connections. As we continue to expand partnerships with industry leaders, facilitated by innovation networks such as 5G OIL, we’re finding that Expeto’s Enterprise First™ platform for converged private/public mobile networking can uniquely enable “mission-critical” use cases tailored to specific industry needs such as automation, edge compute and connected workers,” explains Michael Anderson, CEO of Expeto. 



In collaboration with mobile carrier operators such as Rogers for Business in Canada and 5G OIL partners Amdocs, Google, Microsoft, Dell and Intel, Expeto is deploying its innovative platform as a service offering across multiple sectors for a variety of enterprise mobile networking use cases. Expeto’s converged NeXtworking™ platform for Enterprise Mobile Networks (EMNs) is uniquely able to extend enterprise IT networking control, visibility and systems over any combination of private or public mobile networks, allowing businesses to cost-effectively meet the coverage, bandwidth, and latency needs of “mission critical” onsite and remote applications.For instance, Expeto’s NeXtworking platform is being deployed by: 

“5G Oil has opened doors and expanded the market reach for our company,” says Expeto’s Anderson. “Jim Brisimitzis and his team have brokered critical enterprise introductions and have played an instrumental role in helping build exposure and awareness for Expeto and our technology platform within our target industry sectors. Those warm, qualified connections built on the reputation of the 5G Oil are immensely invaluable.”  

Posted February 15, 2023

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