Monogoto empowers enterprises and developers to innovate with simplified, functionality-rich and secure connectivity for IoT and private networks

Monogoto empowers enterprises and developers to innovate with simplified, functionality-rich and secure connectivity for IoT and private networks

Founded in 2018 by CTO Maor Efrati and CEO Itamar Kunik, Monogoto is redefining cellular connectivity to shape a smarter, more connected world.

As telecommunications executives with decades of experience, Maor and Itamar could see clearly that the digital revolution that led to the rapid spread of computerization and communication would soon be repeated -- this time in the field of connectivity. 

Maor explains that when Cloud first emerged as a computing paradigm, it gave birth to companies and technologies such as Google, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. They eliminated the Cloud Compute barrier for developers allowing them to easily and affordably create Cloud-based applications. 

Similarly, within the communications realm, companies like Twilio have emerged to allow developers to easily add voice to their applications without having to know a thing about telephony. 

“We founded Monogoto with the belief that the next wave of transformation will take place in connectivity. We want to be on the leading edge of that wave, making it easier for developers to embed and manage connectivity and enable data processing at the edge,” says Maor. 

Monogoto’s connectivity-as-a-service platform offers its users easy-to-access, always-on cellular cloud 4G/5G for IoT connectivity and Private LTE or 5G. 

The company’s solutions include:

IoT connectivity

Monogoto’s plug-and-play IoT SIM cards, built with the developer in mind, offer immediate global connectivity and maximum network resiliency in 180 countries on 550+ mobile networks. The IoT SIM cards also offer connection to a variety of cellular technologies, from legacy 2G and 3G networks to 4G LTE networks. 

Private LTE

Monogoto’s private LTE/5G solution, powered by its global cellular cloud, allows organizations to establish their own cost-effective private network, and connect critical devices and applications with support for thousands of secure simultaneous connections, all while enjoying the best wireless performance, low-latency and QoS assurance.

Monogoto’s multi-tenant offering includes secure SIM cards, small cells (users can also bring their own), and connection to the Monogoto secure cellular core in the cloud, offered as-a-service. Monogoto’s connectivity management platform (CMP) facilitates full network configuration and subscription and complete roaming control between the public and the local networks coupled with advanced security features for the network and the devices. 

The solution is also designed to offer its users flexible deployment options, either directly via the Monogoto cloud or with optional local breakout nodes to improve network performance (e.g. reduce latency) and comply with data privacy regulations. 

The solution fits licensed, unlicensed, and shared spectrum frequencies. 


As the first-ever solution to enable seamless public/private hybrid network connectivity, Monogoto allows organizations to take advantage of public and private LTE/5G with a single SIM while maintaining the EDGE and low latency capabilities of a private network.

To illustrate how Monogoto’s solutions work together, Maor points to a use case of a mall or large retailer that wants to provide its employees and customers with solid indoor reception, reliable connectivity and the ability to traverse seamlessly from a public network (outside the mall or parking garage) to a private network (inside the building). Furthermore, retailers are now increasingly deploying devices such as cameras, handhelds and robots, and their customers are using devices such as smart glasses and vehicles with autonomous driving capabilities. These technologies also depend on and interact with public and private networks and in many cases need low latency for better user experience/device performance. 

Today, to provide seamlessly reliable connectivity, a retailer must use a distributed antenna system (DAS) with repeaters. However, an active DAS solution costs up to $2 to $4 per square foot and has a lengthy deployment time - up to 18 months. 

With the Monogoto platform, a retailer can install their own IoT cellular cloud private network with a connection that is seamless, accessible, highly available and cost-effective. Employees, customers and devices can move seamlessly between public and private networks. The solution eliminates the need for an expensive DAS installation and can scale to a developer’s requirements as they evolve. 

Lowering the adoption barrier 

Monogoto’s affordably priced, with cloud best practice of consumption billing enables developers to build use cases and products to private 4G / 5G. With a $200 a month entry point and a self-service approach, Monogoto allows developers to access a network resource that traditionally would cost tens of thousands and take a much longer time and effort to deploy. 

Applications and use cases for the technology cross multiple sectors from retail and airports to stadiums, oil and gas fields, amusement parks, ports, mines, warehouses, factories, agriculture, smart cities, public safety and more.

Monogoto is well capitalized for growth. With $11M in investment, the company has a growing base of 500 customers. It is now making it easier for developers to connect sensors and devices in over 180 countries, across 550 public and private 4G/5G networks. 

5G Open Innovation Labs opens the door to North America

Monogoto is a new addition to the 5G Open Innovation Labs (5GOiL) ecosystem. The company joined in the Fall of 2022 as part of the Lab’s Batch 6 cohort of startups. 5G Oil has opened doors to key players in North America, and those connections are proving to be invaluable to Maor and his team as they expand their presence in the US market.

Says Maor, “Companies such as 5G Oil’s partner Amdocs and system integrators such as Accenture are perfect partners for Monogoto as they are on the front lines in assembling solutions for their enterprise clients. We also perfectly complement other technology vendors with on-premise offerings, as we can extend their capabilities when it comes to connectivity. 

We are grateful to be a part of this amazing ecosystem and we know it will be instrumental in helping us realize our vision to make the life of developer easy -- regardless of the mode of connectivity.”

Posted February 21, 2023

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