GXC’s First-of-its-Kind Mesh Architecture Enables Fast and Easy Deployment of Full-Coverage Enterprise Private 5G Networks

GXC’s First-of-its-Kind Mesh Architecture Enables Fast and Easy Deployment of Full-Coverage Enterprise Private 5G Networks

GXC’s First-of-its-Kind Mesh Architecture Enables Fast and Easy Deployment of Full-Coverage Enterprise Private 5G NETWORKS.

A network is only as valuable as the ability of its users to configure, manage and operate it.

The advent of 4G/5G private cellular networks now allows enterprises to reliably connect virtually unlimited numbers of new devices – handhelds, sensors, robots, and more – and have control and security over the entire ecosystem. That complex, interconnected technology network, generates vast amounts of data. Access to that data, as well as the ability to process it at the edge and act upon it, is vital to an enterprise and can unlock growth and business advantage.

Originally founded with the intent of using optical technology for interference cancellation, GXC quickly understood there was tremendous potential to apply its interference cancellation technology to private 4G/5G networks operated by enterprises.
The company’s GXC Onyx private cellular network, built on a first-of-its-kind cellular mesh architecture, allows for easier and faster deployment of a private network while providing full coverage and capacity of a cellular network.

GXC delivers on this promise by connecting cellular access points in the network wirelessly using proprietary Simultaneous Self Interference Cancellation (S-SIX) technology. This technology gives GXC and its enterprise customers the ability to build mesh networks in a single frequency band, while eliminating the need for expensive fiber or cable connections. The company’s mesh orchestration software also allows for a multi-hop resilient wireless network, providing greater cellular coverage.

“Our network provides the initial connectivity capabilities our customers need to grow their enterprise in a digital world. The key is our use of a centralized core component — which can be located on-site at a facility, secured in the cloud, or deployed as a hybrid which then connects cellular access points indoors and out ensuring every inch of the enterprise is well covered. This means there are no more dead zones, no more dropped connections and full information assurance,” says Allen Proithis, CEO of GXC.

Leveraging over a decade of research and development, GXC’s products are completely 3GPP compatible and work with 4G LTE and 5G NR-capable end devices.

“There are three key benefits to our offering,” explains Allen. “First, it is turnkey. Out of the box, enterprises can be up and running with an actual 5G private cellular network in less than one hour. Second, our mesh architecture provides ultimate flexibility and network extensibility. And finally, our solution is API-ready. We understand we’re deploying into an existing business environment. We need to adapt to it, versus the other way around. So customers can take any of the data from our integrated dashboard, feed it into their systems, and conversely, pull data from nodes on the network and feed it back to our platform. It’s about offering enterprises the ultimate level of control and integration.”

GXC is targeting several key verticals with its offering including industrial manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, airports and marine terminals, agriculture and extractive industries, such as mining.
Says Allen, “These are industries that have typically been reliant on WiFi, or who have indoor/outdoor seamless connectivity requirements, or are operating in rural or remote locations with terrible coverage. Our private networks can run on an island, run connected in real-time to the cloud, or enable a business to hang edge compute anywhere. And that’s powerful.”

GXC joined Open 5G Innovation Lab’s startup ecosystem during batch 2 cohort of startups. “We are excited to make our enabling technology available to others in the ecosystem through the Lab’s Bellevue facility. It will be the first standalone 5G lab in the country and allow other technology companies to take advantage of the cutting edge of what’s happening in 5G networks,” says Allen.

“4G and 5G Private Cellular Networks are becoming the foundational building blocks enabling Industry 4.0 transformation; a $3T+ market opportunity. We were humbled to work with GXC through the 5G Open Innovation Lab program in 2020 and remain super bullish on their unique interference cancellation and mesh solution platform capabilities. Their technology is already proving to help enterprise customers improve network performance, resilience, speed of deployment, and cost of ownership,” says Jim Brisimitzis, Managing Director of 5G Open Innovation Labs.

Posted March 14, 2023

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