Uniting Data Around Food - Beyond What's Next with Transparent Path

Uniting Data Around Food - Beyond What's Next with Transparent Path

Uniting Data around food with transparent path

Eric Weaver is the CEO of Transparent Path. After 10 years in systems development for General Motors and Ford Motor Company, Eric spent the next 30 years as an enterprise digital transformation advisor — guiding nearly 100 blue-chip brands around the world through disruption brought about by the Web, email, e-commerce, and social media.

Eric began guiding companies like P&G, Kraft Foods, and Johnson & Johnson onto the Internet in 1995, launching one of the very first AI-powered websites in 1996, and an AI-powered social media ROI platform in 2014.

Food waste is largely due to supply chain inefficiencies caused by bad or missing data. Tracing food borne illnesses? Difficult due to bad or missing data. Transparent Path know data: how to capture clean data, how to share it, and how to use AI to create actionable insights. By fixing the data around food, Transparent help reduce food waste.

The food industry is a wildly complex, siloed industry of global players and intricate supply chains. Because it operates on thin margins, its data frameworks, standards, and systems have not kept up with its exploding complexity. Transparent Path are uniting the data around food.

Posted November 08, 2021

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