Booz Allen collaborates with Shabodi and 5G Open Innovation Lab

Booz Allen collaborates with Shabodi and 5G Open Innovation Lab

Leading technology firm Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH) and Shabodi, the network-aware application enabler, have partnered to prototype the groundbreaking Mobile Medic application. It provides secure and reliable communication channels between first responders and emergency medical personnel to deliver situational awareness and remote expert guidance during emergency medical situations.

The application leverages Shabodi’s advanced network Application Enablement Platform (AEP) for network awareness, allowing Mobile Medic to dynamically modify Quality of Service (QoS) in real-time, ensuring reliable and high-speed critical communication, hallmarks of 5G networks that remain elusive without network-aware applications. Booz AllenShabodi, and the 5G Open Innovation Lab (OIL) teamed to prototype and test this capability, demonstrating Mobile Medic’s functionality across the 5G OIL testbed.

Vikram Chopra, Co-founder and CEO of Shabodi said, “Our collaboration with Booz Allen and 5G OIL demonstrates the power of network-aware applications in transforming how emergency medical services are delivered. Mobile Medic guarantees the reach of life-saving medical expertise worldwide and revolutionizes patient care in critical situations. 5G is a game-changer for critical communication across sectors, and seeing this promise come to life with the network-aware Mobile Medic app is the very reason Shabodi exists. We are thrilled to lead this transformation from the front with Booz Allen

“Our partnership with Shabodi and 5G OIL in the development of the Mobile Medic app typifies how innovation looks – startups, VC-backed incubators, and technology integrators working together to produce novel applications,” said Chris Christou, Senior Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton. “By utilizing Shabodi’s Application Enablement Platform, our application can prioritize and maintain critical communications during emergencies. Mobile Medic promises to democratize the emergency care landscape and make it far more reliable.”

Scott Waller, Chief Technology Officer of 5G OIL added, “By combining our expertise in testing applications built for 5G networks with Booz Allen’s innovation leadership and Shabodi’s cutting-edge AEP, we are excited to contribute to the development of Mobile Medic. We have no doubt that it will significantly impact the state of emergency medical response.”

Key collaborators in this initiative include Druid Software, providing the 5G core, and Airspan Networks, supplying the Radio Access Network (RAN) component. Both companies contribute essential elements to the solution stack, making Mobile Medic application possible.

The successful prototype of Mobile Medic demonstrated its ability to dynamically change network QoS using Shabodi’s AEP, ensuring a minimum guaranteed bandwidth for seamless communication between first responders and remote medical experts. This collaboration is a testament to the transformative potential of network-aware applications and 5G technology in saving lives and enhancing the capabilities of critical personnel worldwide.

Posted April 14, 2023

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