5G Lab Building What's Next - Together

5G Lab Building What's Next - Together

 Beyond What's Next with the 5G Lab

The combination of edge and 5G will play an important role in digitally transforming Enterprises globally. Digital transformation spending could approach $3 trillion annually all powered by vast amounts of new data computed on the edge and connected through public and private 5G networks. What’s missing is a community bringing together innovative startups, platforms, and industry that focuses on doing, not hype.

5G holds a lot of promise for companies of every size. Helping companies recognize this promise requires deep and thoughtful coordination of technical visionaries so that startups and the enterprise can fully migrate to harness the power of an edge driven business. This is the opportunity the Lab is creating.

The 5G Open Innovation Lab brings together the brightest minds to build what’s next. We select 10-15 like-minded startups in two cohorts throughout the year. Over our 12-week program, we become your business advisor and open strategic doors for product deployment, go-to-market, and fundraising. We are excited to show you what some of our partners and startups have been able to create through our tailored program.

Posted October 06, 2021

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