Mobile networks are becoming increasingly complex and distributed. There are now multiple networks at work behind the scenes handling more sophisticated operations. For instance, there are satellite-based networks, fixed wireless access networks, private mobile networks, IoT-based networks, cloud gaming networks, smart city networks and connected car networks. And each of these networks has different ownership. Some are operated by traditional mobile network operators. Some are deployed by private enterprises. Others are public and leverage cloud-based infrastructure. And then there’s the hybrid network, which is a combination of some or all of the above.

5G will bring significant data demand to these networks, as well as new use cases. We will soon see new spectrums, mm-Wave, Massive MIMO, and point to exponential data growth, at about 5X current levels over the next few years.
With many of these applications requiring low latency and increased data volume, the future network has to be highly decentralized. 5G networks will demand a very different edge-centric architecture. There will be several small and private networks, and these networks will integrate with large MNO networks creating a “Network of Networks.”

This messy and complicated new model will also require new solutions to bring order to the chaos.
A5G Networks was founded two years ago by veteran telecommunications executives Rajesh Mishra, Kaitki Agarwal, Kartik Raval and Ravi Nathwani.
“Our vision is to enable a distributed and autonomous network of networks,” explains Kaitki Agarwal, the company’s President and CTO. “On our autonomous mobile packet core, all mobile traffic is aggregated and authenticated, and machine learning is applied to create an autonomous network that is easier for enterprises to deploy, more cost-effective to operate, provides better quality of service, and a better and more seamless connectivity experience across multiple deployment scenarios.”

Kaitki elaborates that A5G’s converged core allows its software to handle both 4G and 5G traffic, providing a product that is both versatile and capable of supporting many enterprise and industry use cases. The product’s machine learning capability as it relates to the autonomous network is attracting significant interest from potential customers.

A5G’s customers fall into three categories. First, there are enterprise clients, that are enabling private mobile networks. This might be a mining or manufacturing operation that is looking to leverage 4G/5G to automate its processes and where WiFi is not enough and mobility is required. The second customer category is the mobile operator, which is looking to enable industry or smart city applications such as connected car networks. And the third category of customers is a new class of new custom network operators. These companies are only now emerging to operate highly bespoke networks.
A5G joined the 5G Open Innovation Lab as part of the Lab’s Batch 3 cohort in 2021, very early on in the company’s existence.

“When we first began working with 5G OI Lab, we were in our fundraising phase. The team at the Lab helped us with connections and introductions to different VCs and investors. Now that we have raised our first round of funding, we are shifting our focus to commercialization, landing our first customer and building out our partner ecosystem,” says Kaitki.

The company has its technology in pilot with multiple customers. As an example, Vodafone Idea Limited (VIL), India's leading telecom operator, announced a collaboration with A5G to enable industry 4.0 and smart mobile edge computing in India. Vi and A5G Networks are working together to set up a pilot private network in Mumbai utilizing existing 4G spectrum.

“We look forward to becoming more involved with lab engagements through 5G OI Lab, and to participating in any trials with customers that should come our way,” says Kaitki. “That’s the next step of the journey for us and we’re confident that 5G OI Lab and its team will be there to help.”

Posted March 07, 2023

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