Video - What the 5G OI Lab can do for you

Video - What the 5G OI Lab can do for you

5G Open Innovation lab - how we help you

The 5G Open Innovation Lab is a collaborative, development-focused ecosystem approach unlike traditional models, bringing together visionary startups, industry leaders, technical experts, and investors to break down silos that hamper innovation and build what's next.

Our program exists to empower the game changers, and unleash the true potential of edge computing, 5G and beyond.

What we do: Startups: Our program connects you directly with technology and industry leaders, potential partners, customers, and investors.

Technology Platform Partners: We help you scout and connect with relevant multi stage startups, reducing inbound noise and increasing efficient use of your time and resources.

Industry Partners: Our program attracts relevant startups and technology platforms collaborating on industry-specific challenges. We are a turnkey, easy, results-driven program.

Venture Partners: We offer our venture partners access to qualified deal flow and unique insights from technology and industry partners.

Posted March 07, 2022

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