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Accelerating innovation and overcoming challenges to large-scale impact requires a collaborative approach across stakeholders. Entrepreneurs, technology companies, industry players and venture capitalists working together in real-world environments to develop, build, test and deploy solutions to drive digital transformation is a critical step in moving from the bleeding edge to the leading edge. 

Our labs provide access to connectivity and compute technology facilitating collaboration in physical locations to innovate and solve real industry problems.

Field Labs
The Food Resiliency Project funded by Snohomish County leverages IoT and edge connectivity to deliver real-time data to farmers

Agriculture Field Labs

We launched our first two AG Field Labs in 2020 at working farms in Western Washington with partners and startups to experiment collaboratively and develop new technologies and solutions that can ultimately lead to commercially viable, scalable use cases. 

The foundation of the field labs is a dynamic testing environment with dedicated access to a 5G-capable, CBRS LTE private network. Each site features an edge computing environment where developers can deploy essential application services for latency-sensitive and compute-intensive applications. 

We have already seen numerous promising developments. Early applications include:

  • IoT sensors, drones and more delivering empowering data measuring and analyzing weather, water, photosynthetic radiation, crop health and more, enabling dramatic reductions and distribution of water and chemicals and improving crop health and yields.
  • AR and AI applications and enhanced connectivity are opening the door to remote maintenance and visibility on equipment far afield, while early work shows the promise of technologies such as autonomous tractors, freeing up farm workers for other tasks. 
  • Supply chain and logistics management with IoT sensors helping track and manage fresh produce from farm to table.


Edge Innovation Cluster

In 2021, we launched the Enterprise Digital Growth Ecosystem (EDGE), a non-profit corporation seeking 501c(3) status, in partnership with the Washington State Department of Commerce.  The goal is to fuel statewide economic growth and maximize the potential of edge computing and 5G and accelerate digital transformation for priority industries including: 

  • Manufacturing
  • Health care
  • Agriculture
  • Energy and utilities
  • Transport and logistics 

The ultimate mission of EDGE is to keep Washington State in the lead as an innovator and major player in business and technology, identifying and supporting a long-term strategy to accelerate statewide growth in key industries to become economic engines that strengthen communities and create jobs for the future.

Accessing a 5G and edge compute powered lab environment today is out of reach for most startups and industries, yet, is a crucial resource for product development and go to market. The EDGE exists to solve this challenge.

The EDGE Cluster is one of several funded by initial grants from the Department of Commerce for the first cohort of the state’s new “Innovation Cluster Accelerator.”  EDGE and the other clusters will provide startups and others access to testing facilities, public sector investment, private sector expertise, resources and scale usually kept behind closed corporate or academic doors. 


5G Open Innovation Lab is accepts applications on a rolling basis and selects 15 companies twice a year to participate

Tacoma Tideflats 

Washington State's Tacoma Tideflats covers more than 5,000 acres and is the base of port and terminal operations, industrial and manufacturing hubs and a critical marine ecosystem. It generates over 40,000 jobs and billions of dollars in economic activity.  But ensuring its economic future requires bold innovation and investment. The first step is development of a private 5G network.

Currently, less than 10 ports around the world operate such a network. It would enable a vast array of cutting-edge new technological use cases such as dramatically improved cargo and supply chain management to advanced manufacturing.

Washington Maritime Blue, The 5G Open Innovation Lab, and dozens of other key stakeholders are partnering to accelerate current and future technology innovation across the Tacoma Tideflats and establish global leadership in the maritime industry.  

Check back regularly for updates and more information on this exciting opportunity.


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