Join Our Team - Seeking Director for EDGE Innovation Cluster

Join Our Team - Seeking Director for EDGE Innovation Cluster
Join a team that is fundamentally reinventing how public-private partnerships will drive economic development and industry advancement here in the great State of Washington.
The Director of the Enterprise Digital Growth Ecosystem (EDGE) Cluster will lead the public engagement activities of our ecosystem, working closely with the leadership team of the 5G Open Innovation Lab. The EDGE Cluster integrates deep partnerships across multiple industry sectors, technology partners and the startup ecosystem with the aim of building the next advancements in software solutions that will change how enterprise companies compete, grow, and thrive.
Location: Bellevue, WA. or remote
About Us:
The EDGE Cluster is focused on building a software development ecosystem, leveraging edge computing and 5G as an enabler for ongoing innovation, value creation and industry transformation. The EDGE Cluster is focused on the digital transformation of 5 priority industries: agriculture; energy and utilities; healthcare; manufacturing; and transport and logistics.
The Edge Cluster was launched under Washington State’s Innovation Cluster Accelerator through the WA Department of Commerce. This cluster evolves our 5G Innovation Partnership Zone efforts (designated by the Department of Commerce in 2019). In the short time since being established (and during a pandemic,) the 5G IPZ advisory board secured $1million in CARES Act funding via IPZ member Snohomish County to establish two field labs and address food resiliency in the region. This model is what the EDGE Cluster seeks to replicate to other industries.
Washington State is a global center of innovation for edge computing and 5G connectivity, harnessing the rich heritage of software development, cloud computing, wireless telecoms leadership and innovative public support programs. Our EDGE Cluster will establish a set of Innovation Zones for select industries, powered by field labs in real world environments, working directly with industry leaders to define industry specific needs and use cases powered by edge computing and 5G capabilities. When operational, these field labs will enable experimentation, development, and commercialization of next-generation products and services. The EDGE Cluster’s ambition is to establish WA State as the destination for the brightest thinkers and doers to build what’s next. 
Primary Duties: 
  • Leadership: Establish and lead overall operations of EDGE Cluster including the legal, accounting, insurance, brand and other organizational and governance infrastructure needed to operate the Cluster. Define and drive all public facing engagements in partnership development, thought leadership, and applied technology development work across Innovation Zones (industry focused development) including building high-performing team for key roles.
  • Fundraising: Identify and lead public fundraising efforts from a myriad of grant and public funding opportunities that align to the EDGE Clusters goals. Raise at least $2 million by 2023 to cover operational and project costs from diverse sources.3.Innovation Zone
  • Technical Development: Build a network of 5 Industry Innovation Zones supported by Field Labs for product and solution development by 2026, including deployment of network and computing technologies in associated field labs working with the 5G Open Innovation lab.
  • Commercialization and workforce: By 2023, leverage the digital transformation trend to drive new product and talent development giving Washington a competitive edge. Establish working partnerships to transfer learnings into curriculum programs that will inform skills development for required job roles to support the economic development of industry sectors.
  • Market Shaping: By 2027, be nationally recognized as a thought leading, impact producing, and easy to join innovation ecosystem whose work shapes markets.
Position Requirements and Experience
1. Demonstrated experience in identification and acquisition of public funding via a variety of grant opportunities and private partnerships, including grant writing.
2. Familiarity and experience with software engineering principles and modern technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, edge/cloud computing and connectivity solutions like 5G, LoRa, CBRS, etc.
2. Proven track record of partner-centric communications, engagement, and objective-setting for ecosystem development.
3. Ability to engage with multiple levels of partner organizations, including senior executives, technical experts, and industry thought leaders to build consensus and support.
4. Broad organizational operations experience across multiple functions, including people leadership, financial management, marketing communications, and thought-provoking content development.
5. Ability to build and nurture a broad network of influence that aligns and supports the EDGE Cluster’s ambitious goals – big impact through small teams that come together and collaborate.
6. Demonstrated leadership and team building experience required. This role will own the responsibility of building the EDGE Cluster organization by seeking out, hiring, and mentoring future EDGE Cluster team members and key leadership positions as well.
Key Success Criteria
1. Possess a servant leadership mentality – we work to support the goals of our ecosystem partners.
2. Be a self-starter, always ready to get going and don’t wait for permission to get things done.
3. Bring a talent for building relationships with anyone from a technical founder or recent graduate to an enterprise executive or government official.
4. A natural organizer, with a strong desire to help others achieve their goals by working with others.
5. You’re a people person with a strong analytical side. You want to naturally connect people for their own success, strive to make sure problems are solved quickly and efficiently.
6. You like a good plan but are flexible and ready to change when the time calls for it. We are “learn-it-alls”
7. Finally, every hire is a critical hire. You are focused on bringing people into the EDGE Cluster to ensure it launches with momentum, has the key talent and leadership for long-term impact and success.
Interested applicants should submit cover letter and CV to [email protected].  

Posted January 11, 2022

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