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The Lab is growing and we’re looking for two people to join our team: an Executive Director and a Technical Program Manager for our new public/private partnership program. Read on to find out about the roles and how to apply.

Executive Director, EDGE Innovation Cluster

With recent support from the WA Department of Commerce, we are evolving our work with the public sector and launching a new entity called the EDGE Cluster. The Director of the Enterprise Digital Growth Ecosystem (EDGE) Cluster will lead the public engagement activities of our ecosystem, working closely with the leadership team of the 5G Open Innovation Lab. The Executive Director will help shape and grow EDGE early in its formation and long-term success.

This role is right for you if:

Take a look at the position description here. If you’re interested, send your CV and cover letter to [email protected] and share why you’re the right person for the role and what you’d hope to achieve in it.

Technical Program Manager, 5G OI Lab

We’re looking for an entry level Technical Program Manager to lead coordination of the Lab’s proof of concept (POC) process within our Lab environments. You’ll work closely with our startups and partners to identify POC opportunities, push them through our POC methodology. You’ll also work with the Lab’s Partners to troubleshoot and make sure the Lab environments are online and functional.

The role is right for you if:

Interested? Send us a letter of innovation with your CV to [email protected] and in less than 300 words tell us something you’ve built or created to help manage or solve a business challenge.



Posted January 11, 2022

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