Edge and connectivity require a new approach to scaling innovation.

We need an ecosystem approach for industries to collaboratively explore tangible innovation and outcomes 

The Lab’s goal is to build a vibrant enterprise software ecosystem focused on the enormous application, services, and use cases potential for edge and 5G. To achieve this our Program supports 30 mixed staged companies annually from Seed to Series C to collaborate directly with our global platform partners and industry leaders. Our Field Labs are a future ready environment for product testing, deployment and growth used and supported by partners, startups, researchers and government.  

We invite you to join us in our mission to facilitate the interchange of ideas, experimentation, innovation and collaboration to move from vision to real-world transformation. 

An Ecosystem Model for Innovation

Our Program is purpose built to leverage the entrepreneurial vision of startups with the entrepreneurial resources of the enterprise. We bring business and community leaders together to facilitate the interchange of ideas, experimentation and innovation that require a high-level of partnership and collaboration to move from vision to real-world transformation. 

We are not an accelerator.  We do not take an equity position in our member companies.  We expect more than a 10% success rate. We build Field Labs to give companies, founders and developers easy access to future 5G and edge environments today.  


"Ecosystem builders are creating an invisible infrastructure in their communities to support entrepreneurs. It’s not like traditional infrastructure. It’s not about physical spaces, fancy buildings, pools of capital, or big institutions. Instead, ecosystem builders focus on building consistent, collaborative human engagement. It’s about process, not product. Context, not content. The journey, not the destination."
- Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building Playbook



5G Open Innovation Lab is not an incubator or accelerator, but rather a platform for innovation through ecosystem-building

Priority Industries

Local leadership. Global reach. Seattle is home to our ecosystem of entrepreneurs and technology leaders.

Why Seattle?

Our plan for building a 5G ecosystem is uniquely Seattle and globally accessible. No other location in the world is home to such platforms as Microsoft Azure and companies like T-Mobile. Seattle offers entrepreneurs access to researchers, academics, startups and enterprises with global scale and reach. While we call Seattle home, our ambitions are truly global thanks in partner to the multinational reach of our founding, technical, and carrier partnerships.

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